The anti-theft experience is a complete escort

 Retailers in the world are all facing the challenge of saving costs while increasing the revenue in daily business operations. In order to guarantee the performance and the increase of profits, retailers need a safe business environment, reduce the shoplifting and increase the shelf service. 

    D.F.S will help various retailers cope with these challenges, and its products feature outstanding performance, durability, easy operation and beautiful appearance. 

EASTOPS retailing solution is able to help the global retail industry save several billions loss every year caused by any damage and shoplifting because it has applied: 

1. EAS Detection System;

2. EAS Soft Tag and Hard Tag; 

3. EAS Stoplock Remover/Magnetic Eraser at the Cashier's Desk;

4. Various Physical Anti-theft Systems;

5. Electronic Commodities Display Anti-theft System. 

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